About my passion for ceramics

As a teacher working with young people of all ages for many years, I am constantly developing myself, seeking new ideas for success at work.

A few years ago I found myself fascinated by ceramics. I understand it as discovering myself – my abilities and my readiness for challenges.

Working with clay, I learn perseverance, steadfastness and creativity. Every single day I prove myself that I can do more. And at the same time, that I’m not perfect. And that it’s beautiful … wabi sabi.

My adventure with clay began with the potter’s wheel – I was enchanted by the dynamics of changing the shape of the material on the jolley. And so it has remained until now, although sometimes I use the sheet method or ball kneading to shape clay.

In the sanctity of my studio, I usually create inspired by Japanese ceramics – its specific character, texture, colour and form. Hence the name of the studio – Wabi Sabi.

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy that, contrary to popular consumerism, respects imperfection, aging and simplicity. The severity of Japanese ceramics contained in the colorus of the earth and textures of the natural world gives a kind of mature nobility. Although this type of ceramics seems to be non-ideal, it requires a lot of work, knowledge, experience and passion.

Please, feel invited then to a unique place, which is the WABI SABI Ceramics Studio.